“…Lucas also hooked us up with an incredible composer, Anna Karney, who took a whole bunch of impossibly contradictory statements about the music (okay, make it kind of Gaelic, but not too Gaelic, and sort of Appalachian, and exiting, like action movie exciting, but not over the top!) and made a consistently superb score. She’s a terrific talent, and you’ll be hearing a lot more of her music in games henceforth, I predict.”
–Aaron Loeb: producer

“…a charming musical score.”  –Pong Sifu: Reviewer for Gamepro.com

“One aspect of the game that you wouldn’t expect to stand out is the soundtrack…the musical score accompanying the game is just as good. A mix of traditional Scottish rhythms and orchestrated combat music, it is a refreshing change from the repetitive sounds that typically accompany this style of game.”

“I have played the pc video game “Armed and Dangerous” and enjoy the background music you created immensely…Is the score for the video game available for purchase?  I enjoy the music enough that I sometimes just let the game sit idle to have it playing in the background.”

“Being both a musician and a gamer, I found Armed & Dangerous to be one of my all-time favorite games…the music of the game is what gives it the class and professionalism that  makes it a classic.”

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