Electronic Games, PC, Xbox (TM), Sony Playstation, Mac, and more

Planet Moon Studios/LucasArts
— Armed and Dangerous for Xbox (TM)

— Monkey Island IV for Mac and PC
— Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

Maxis/Electronic Arts
— Streets of Sim City for PC
— Sim City 3000
— Sim City 3000 Ultimate
— The Sims House Party

Interlex Inc.
— Metal Dungeon for PC and Xbox

— Pro Football for Sony Playstation

Mindscape and later Electronic Arts
— NCAA Football for PC Totally Games
— Archipelago for Xbox (TM)

Aristocrat Technologies Inc.
— Over 50 titles of original music, sound design and voice over recordings.
Aristocrat is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of video slot machines. These titles were all animation games

Karney “Gameography

Additional clients in video gambling technology

– Casino Data Systems
– Anchor Gaming

Television and Radio

Showtime Channel/Tiech & company
— Tyson vs. Bruno national TV ad campaign

Hewlett Packard/Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
— various nationally aired radio ads

– House
– Puppies

Industrial Videos and Infomercials

— Instructional Product Videos

– Powering Up
– IQ Database

CommARTS – Infomercials

– Peruvian Paso Horses
– Iron Spring Farm

Independent Film Animation

— Nature Nuggets
Available for viewing on-line at Shown at ASIFA-San Francisco professional open screening in February 2002. Future showings at and TechTV on their new “Zip Files” show.

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